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Hi there and a warm welcome! I’m Erin, and I’m a writer, editor, blogger, and intuitive.

I combine my degrees in psychology and health communication with my razor-sharp intuition and certifications as a Reiki practitioner, holistic health coach, and end of life doula. I deliver clients highly tailored insights, both verbal and written. As a copywriter/writer and editor, I use my 20 years of experience to carefully tailor all projects to the specific target audience, industry, and goals. I elevate online and offline content to a place of excellence, sophistication, and effective, correct branding.

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Intuitive Energy
Healing + Reiki

Reiki literally means “universal life force energy.” It is an energetic system of healing with many lineages. The lineage I am certified in is Usui Reiki, from Japan. I also use my own unique energy healing gift and techniques, which includes having been initiated into the Mary Magdalene and Yeshua lineage of true love.
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Wellness Coaching

Holistic Health

Holistic health of course encompasses mind, body, and spirit. In addition to food, nutrition, and lifestyle choices, we will likely touch on your emotional, spiritual, and any other types of health that arise or that you would like to address.
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Tarot and Oracle Readings

Tarot + Oracle
Card Readings

Tarot and oracle cards offer us a magical mirror of our current energetic state and thus, the myriad possibilities that await us in the unmanifest. These readings usually include channeling of intuitive messages.
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Are you looking for support and tools?
Do you feel drained, confused, off balance? I’ve been there.

Let’s talk. I offer the following:

  • Energy education, clearing, + management
  • Intuitive wisdom + healing
  • Nutrition guidance, tailored to your needs




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