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Copywriting + Editing Services


I have been a writer all my life, starting as a little girl when I wrote a plethora of highly detailed short stories about a character named Kelly. I also started journaling early (even had a few of those diaries with the fake “locks” so Mom or Dad couldn’t read my secret thoughts!). Words are my medium, and they pour out of me onto the paper or computer, sometimes whether I like it or not. Now I write for a diverse array of clients in all industries, but mostly for health, wellness, medical, and psychology related clients and companies.

I have a master of arts degree in health communication, a bachelor of arts degree in psychology, and grief recovery, holistic health coaching, and end of life doula certifications, all of which uniquely qualify me for this work. I have been a professional writer and editor for many years and have worked on a myriad of projects. Please request samples of my work if you want to explore working together. I also have a variety of writing samples here on my website (below in the SAMPLES section and on my blog) that you can review, and I’m happy to send more.

I am open to new clients now for writing and editing services.

For copywriting, I can write your website pages, emails, blogs, ads, research articles, ebooks, signage, app content, press releases, training manuals, or ghostwrite larger pieces of content.

For editing services, I offer proofreading and copy edits for the same forms of content (and more, just ask!)

As a professional writer and editor, I carefully tailor all of my copywriting and editing to the target audience, industry, and goals of each piece. I elevate online and offline content to a place of excellence, sophistication, and effective, correct branding.

I also work with my clients to solidify how you want your voice represented in the work. Most clients share notes with me so that we can be expedient in the process.

You can pick how you want our relationship to progress. I’m open to a one-time gig as well as long-term writing projects. Please reach out with any questions!

When to Outsource Your Copywriting

The two main scenarios in which to outsource your copywriting or editing work are when you: a.), don’t have time, or b.), don’t have the interest, energy, or expertise.

Writing is a necessity in all careers, industries, and businesses, particularly when it comes to getting your message out. It’s the foundation of marketing. Effective writing is, however, a specialized skill. Anyone can learn and improve, but most people don’t want to or simply don’t have the time. 

Outsourcing written content (or getting expert support with it) is a wise choice, and a very popular one in today’s world.

What Content Can Outsource Copywriters Provide?

Literally anything involving words! I sometimes call myself a word artist, because that is what I do. I weave together words, concepts, ideas, stories, messages, invitations, and encouragement into a magical work of art. The development of the written word is a recipe of creativity, divine inspiration, technical information and skills, and subject matter expertise.

Please see the next section below for an {almost} exhaustive list of possible copywriting, writing, editing, and/or proofreading projects that a professional like me can assist you with.

Copywriting Services: Here’s the Master List of All I Can Do For You



Social Media

Emails and Newsletters

Ad Copy and Sales Pages

Website Content

About Pages

Product Descriptions

App and Web Flows 

Text Messaging 

Books and Manuals

Press Releases and Announcements

Physical Products and Signage

Major Brand Message Brainstorming and Mentoring

Copywriting Services FAQs

What is copy?

Copy refers to the words used to convey a message or persuade an audience. The main purpose of copy is to encourage readers or customers to take a particular action, such as buying from you. Copy often moves readers along a path toward getting to know you, your services, your mission, and/or your offerings. The ultimate goal is to inspire them to hire you, purchase from you, or simply listen to you.

What exactly does a copywriter do?

A copywriter creates the words used to communicate a marketing message (or other message). Please see the above section for a list of examples.

Copy involves both the specific words and messages {content}, but also the {brand} aka personality and style in which those words are communicated.

Do copywriters also offer design services?

Usually, no. In rare cases, a copywriter also does design work. More likely, they can refer you to a great designer to help with the visual aspects of the project or message. They can also partner with someone you already know or have hired. Copywriters and designers are used to working closely together.

Who owns the copy that the copywriter creates?

In the world of freelance or outsource copywriting, the author usually owns the work. However, ownership or copyright is often released by the writer to the client through payment or negotiation. Be sure to check any contracts on both sides, as a writer or client.  

If work is created by a writer while employed full time, on the other hand, the company owns it.

What if I don’t like what the copywriter has written?

Copywriting is an iterative, and interactive, endeavor. This means that a draft or first pass will be delivered to you. Then, a process of communication and edits will begin. 

A good copywriter is eager for feedback. Think of the content a writer creates as a canvas on which to work. It’s time to mold and sculpt the clay that he or she has built for you. Edit it all you want, or ask the writer to edit and rework the draft or parts of it. 

As the subject matter expert and business owner, you have much more detail and nuance in your brain than the writer does. Communicate as much as possible, especially about your brand and customer journey. If the draft really misses the mark, be honest. Ask the copywriter to start over, but try to share more information that will better guide them to success. Outline your expectations up front. 

Communicating With Integrity

Money is energy, just like everything else in our universe. My philosophy is mutually beneficial, honest business. When you communicate your brand with integrity, it leads to greater fulfillment – and profit – for everyone. A win-win!

What unique gift, service, or product do you or your company provide? How will it change the customer’s life, help them, or entertain them? Really get into their head. What are their concerns or needs, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually? Do some market research. Send out surveys. Try a journey mapping exercise. Address their specific barriers and pain points. Show off what is exciting or special about your message or service. These efforts are the basis for effective copy that converts.


I have written for many illustrious companies and organizations, including:
  • Bates College
  • Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing
  • Newsletter
  • Body1
  • NorthPoint Domain
  • InsideTracker
  • Crownsville Media
  • Emerson College
  • Tufts Medical School
  • Healthline
  • Human Care Systems, Inc.
  • Dignity Health
  • Catholic Health Initiatives
  • CommonSpirit Health

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Copywriting Samples By Erin

My superpower is translating your offerings + ideas + vibe into PRECISE WORDS AND MESSAGES that support + enlighten your audience, then convert them into loyal customers.

Check out my writing here as well as the rest of my website and also my blog. Contact me if you’d like some further writing samples at I can share from a variety of genres.

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