Erin MooreHI THERE, and a warm welcome! I’m Erin, and I’m a writer, editor, blogger, and grief recovery specialist.

I combine my health and psychology degrees, described below, with my razor-sharp intuition and certifications as a grief recovery specialist, holistic health coach, and end of life doula. I deliver clients highly tailored insights, both verbal and written. As a counselor, I’ve worked with people of all ages, and the most common threads are stress and loss. Every human goes through both, and I have found grief to be at the core.

Erin MooreI’m here to help you become CENTERED, at ONE with yourself. When you’re at home inside yourself, your “outside” (external life) falls into place. As above, so below. As within, so without.

I’ve lived this journey intensely for most of my life, so I deeply understand the ins and outs, ups and downs — from great losses and crushing blows to exhilarating successes. I’ve also spent many years learning, healing, seeking, and studying. I’ve experienced countless epiphanies, miracles, as well as gradual, transformative shifts, resulting from traditional therapy, psychology studies, breathwork, meditation retreats, visits to spiritual gurus, post-traumatic stress treatment, pilgrimages, certifications and trainings, world travel, and more. Then, in a shocking turn of events (mostly to myself!), I stepped away from the world (cult) of new age spirituality completely. I blog about these topics and also support others through similar transitions in counseling sessions (as well as a Zoom group). Email me to learn more at

Here’s a bit more about me and my training

I’m a certified holistic health coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. My passion for food and health began in my formative years, when I planned my next meal before the current one was over, experimented with non-dairy milk, and came up with the concept that an empty dessert stomach could co-exist with a full dinner stomach. I’ve studied over 100 dietary theories as well as a variety of practical coaching methods, and believe that in order to be effective, nutrition and lifestyle should be tailored to the individual in a holistic, evolving manner.

Erin MooreI also have a master’s degree in health communication from the joint program at Emerson College and The Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bates College. I’ve held a wide variety of copywriting and copyediting, communication, and mentoring roles in the health, wellness, and medical arenas. I offer a free initial discovery call to both content (copywriting, writing, editing, and/or blogging) and grief recovery/counseling clients. Please reach out at

In addition, I have been trained by The International End of Life Doula Association (INELDA) as an end of life doula. I then was accepted into the volunteer training program at Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco. I spent every Wednesday evening there for almost two profound years, until the residential facility closed.

I grew up in Massachusetts, and currently spend most of my time in New England. I meet with clients in person in Boston and all over during my travels, and also remotely via Zoom and phone.


Erin’s energy is so receptive, calm, and loving. It’s a safe space to be heard and understood fully as well as release pain through tears of relief. She is spot on in everything she said and confirms everything I already felt but wasn’t sure of. After the session I felt a new world opening up within me and joy washing over me. Thank you Erin for being such a wonderful healer, and most of all a wonderful person.

-Jessie, Montreal

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