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Grief Recovery

Recovery Method

A research-backed approach with a 40-year legacy in transforming lives.

How We Stand Out

Providing a more effective solution for 43+ types of losses and life changes.

Action for Change

Our program goes beyond conventional wisdom and talk therapy.

What Is Grief Recovery?

The Grief Recovery Method is available via 1-on-1 sessions or a group format, either online or in person. It is a robust, dynamic, practical, and inclusive program for those ready to take action to help themselves. As a leading authority on the subject of grief, The Grief Recovery Institute® developed this method as not just theory, but heartfelt and practical. It has been proven effective for any type of loss encountered in life.

We don't claim to understand how you feel, as everyone's journey is unique. Instead, we offer a safe space where you'll receive practical tools for recovery. This work paves the way for a happier and more fulfilled life.

Grief is highly misunderstood, yet affects every single person

If not addressed, physical health, mental health, productivity, and relationships suffer. Be more effective in all areas of your life with the Grief Recovery Method.

The Grief Recovery Method

The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses

This research-backed method, in use for over 40 years, is often more effective than years of therapy! It works for any loss or life change, including death, divorce, romantic and friend breakups, pet loss, financial and medical issues, helping children grieve, moving, empty nest, and relationships with people who are still alive but it’s complicated or painful. RECOVERY means learning and implementing the skills we were never taught as children. Time does not, in fact, heal all wounds. ACTION heals the heart. People say you have to let go and move on when your heart breaks, but they don’t tell you HOW. This program will show you how. It gives you the ability to finally say goodbye to the pain, as well as any unmet hopes, dreams, or expectations.

Myths About Grief:

For employers, death of loved one and divorce account for an estimated $63.9 billion loss.

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The Grief Index

The Hidden Annual Costs of Grief In America’s Workplace
2017 Updated Key Findings
Grief Incident*2003*2017 $ Business
Death of Loved One
$37.6 Billion
$49.3 Billion
$11.1 Billion
$14.6 billion
Family Crisis
$9 Billion
$11.8 Billion
Financial Crisis
$4.5 Billion
$5.9 Billion
Death (extended family, colleagues, friends)
$7 Billion
$9.2 Billion
Major Lifestyle Alterations
$2.4 Billion
$3.1 Billion
Pet Loss
$2.4 Billion
$3.1 Billion
$1.2 Billion
$1.6 Billion
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I had the most incredible life changing experience working with Erin. She was not only kind, patient, and understanding, but completely put me at ease. I truly enjoyed meeting with her each week and going through the process. I came out feeling like I had a better grasp of my emotions and how to handle what I was experiencing. I cannot recommend Erin enough!


Erin’s energy is so receptive, calm, and loving. It’s a safe space to be heard and understood fully as well as release pain through tears of relief. She is spot on in everything she said and confirms everything I already felt but wasn’t sure of. After the session I felt a new world opening up within me and joy washing over me. Thank you Erin for being such a wonderful healer, and most of all a wonderful person.

Grief Recovery Specialist, Writer + Blogger
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