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My spiritual journey began far earlier than I ever realized (and truly, lifetimes ago). I was mostly spared from religious dogma and programming as a child (thanks, Mom & Dad), and thus perceived life as not much more than meets the eye. I also grew up in a pretty secular town and region of the U.S. But there was always a greater force at work in my life, as I would come to know.

Me in BaliIn fact, I’ve had many powerful intuitive turning point moments in my life when I just KNEW what to do, and what needed to come next for me. It wasn’t coming from my mind or logic, it was coming from a place deep in my soul (and sometimes from more of an outward being or energy). They weren’t minor decisions either; mostly huge life-changing ones like moving across the country after an inexplicable download on a hilltop in California, breaking up with someone after receiving an unmistakably strong clairvoyant message, and pursuing a particular path of study after clear signs and synchronicities (my master’s degree program as well as both my holistic nutrition and Reiki certifications).

As a child, I was very sensitive. In school, I was often overwhelmed emotionally and energetically. At the time I didn’t understand why, but now I know it’s due to my empath nature and intuitive abilities. I was feeling and picking up on everyone’s “stuff,” as we empaths do, often unwittingly. As you may know, until you understand what’s going on and how to manage these gifts, it can feel like quite a cross to bear.

Erin little girl bedtimeAdditionally, all throughout my formative years, I have a distinct recollection of acute bedtime anxiety. Pretty much every night up to a certain age, right after my dad or mom tucked me in, it would begin. I would feel a compulsion to call downstairs to let them know that I was trying to fall asleep. And then again five minutes later, and again. Years later, I learned that sleep anxiety in children is often due to them seeing or sensing spirits. Also, imaginary friends usually aren’t imaginary. This was a huge revelation for me, as I had many imaginary friends as a child, in addition to anxiety and fear of the dark.

A psychic friend later confirmed (validated for me) that I had been sensing spirits from around age 2-3, and then at some point around age 10 learned to shut those abilities down, the way many of us do. Because our society is so physically focused and in many ways scoffs at spiritual and energetic topics and experiences. Babies and children often remember prior lifetimes and what it was like behind the veil (there are many studies and books that document these data, including “birth marks” that match their memories). Then we grow up and are indoctrinated into this very dualistic, 3D-obsessed reality. But many people are now waking up (and have been for a while) as we’ve moved into the Aquarian Age and Gaia shifts and evolves. My awakening back to the truth, including a coming back online of my intuitive abilities, interestingly started to take root around the official beginning of the Age of Aquarius, on 11/11/11.

I’m now pleased to support others whom, like me, are sensitive souls, looking to improve their health, or need help with content. Contact me at to set up a free initial call. You can also read more about me and my training on the About Erin page.

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