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How To Start Healing When You’re Stuck In Grief

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Part of life is going through cycles of loss and change. These transitions and heartbreaks can build up and adversely affect mental and physical health if not addressed. It’s common to feel stuck in grief and unsure of how to get free.

While there are countless unique scenarios, the experience of loss has some common threads. Regardless of whether it’s a breakup, divorce, or other relationship shift, death of loved one, job transition, move, pet loss, or medical diagnosis, a cascade of internal processes tend to happen. 

The person, situation, or dynamic that changed may have been unhealthy for you, or it could have been wonderful, or a combination. The grief is there, regardless. Keep reading to learn how to start healing when you feel stuck.

1. Recognize How Normal You Are

One definition of grief is the natural reaction to change or loss of any kind. It’s also what occurs when there’s a shift in a pattern of familiar behavior. Think about how often this happens in life! Literally every day. We are not taught to normalize this for ourselves and others.

Grief is one of the most universal experiences for every single person. Yet it still remains somewhat of a taboo subject. No wonder we may feel stuck, isolated, or broken. Give yourself a big hug for persevering through this journey.

2. Let Your Feelings Flow

Grief is highly emotional. Your emotions are asking to be felt and released. Feeling them is what allows them to eventually lighten up and fade away. It’s also what prevents overreactions, stuck-ness, and taking them out on others.

It can be helpful to journal or exercise when feeling grief. Both of these activities will support the emotional flow and release of pent-up stress. Remember that grief can come out in a multitude of ways, including sadness, crying, anger, rage, anxiety, hopelessness, confusion, numbness, and paralysis.

Have compassion for yourself through all feelings. Emoting is part of being in a human body, and is always valid. 

3. Write It Out

If someone you love has passed, reflect on their legacy. Maybe you feel called to write about it or share with someone – and maybe you don’t. Either is totally OK. 

One exercise that can be cathartic is to write a letter to the person in mind. This works regardless of whether the person is alive or passed. Either way, you probably have a mix of happy and sad emotions and memories. Grief usually entails conflicting feelings. We are all complicated, and so are our relationships. Putting all of it down on paper helps move it out of you. For more specific help with writing letters and other exercises, contact me at

4. Get Support

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed. You may not know how to get unstuck. There is actually great power in opening up for help. Sometimes we simply need a caring professional to support us. And in my experience, being witnessed and guided is the key to not staying stuck in grief or trauma.

This unique niche is my expertise. I’m certified in grief recovery and have several other mental health-related certifications and degrees. What is special about the program I offer is that it is evidence-based and has 7 delineated steps. I’ve gone through it myself, as well as many losses, and this method really does bring relief and closure. If you would like to learn more, please email me at You are not alone!


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