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Advice = Projection: Inner Knowing for Empaths

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As an empath, you are inherently sensitive and intuitive, meaning that deep down you usually know the answers to your questions. That, however, may come as a surprise to you! We often get disconnected from our truth through life’s ups and downs and traumas, and also as a byproduct of this society that tends to overvalue logic and linear thinking. It therefore becomes about getting in touch with that inner voice, trusting it, and having the courage to act on it. This applies to all of us too, not just empaths — which is really just a label. We each have the capacity to tap into our innate intuition, as a spiritual being in a human body. Some of us are simply more attuned from birth, or more inclined to explore this ability.

When it comes to advice from others, I’m positing something a bit radical. But the truth is that people’s opinions are always their own, and thus projections (to a greater or lesser extent). This means that they are filtered through and come from that person’s background, conditioning (patterns and beliefs), and consciousness. It’s not a criticism, it’s just the nature of reality and humans. No one is doing anything wrong, it simply is.

Having said that, I of course offer advice in a sense to my clients. But it’s coming from a higher place, as in I have a process that I go through beforehand to connect spiritually and release from my ego and human self (grounding, meditating, asking, etc). It comes through from Spirit, not me Erin. I’ve also (through no conscious choice of my own) gone through a very intense, almost decade long purification process if you will, to cleanse me of my own traumas, preconceptions, and more, and an attunement of my intuitive abilities. This was related to my dharma: the work I was meant to do, helping and guiding others on this path. Which I resisted quite strongly for a long time, despite the loud messages.

Now there are CERTAINLY exceptions to this. If you are lucky enough to have a confidante or two whom you trust, who you know has your best interests at heart, a good head on his/her shoulders, and some level of perceptive awareness, you can surely get some good advice at times. However, the predominant source of knowing and affirmation should be yourself. If it’s not, you’re at risk of consistently (and frantically, as I often did) seeking validation and answers from everyone from your neighbor, to the barista at Starbucks, to charlatan practitioners (more about this here; there are of course many good ones out there as well), and other questionable sources. We’ve all been there. But ask yourself why you are resisting going inward. 

And I’m not saying to never ask for advice or support, not at all. Do so freely, just be mindful with any guidance you receive from others and let it sit. Does it resonate? Does it feel intuitively like this is coming from THEIR life story or experience or belief system, and if so, does that match with yours? If it doesn’t, totally fine, just put your own instincts first. This is one of the foundations of what it means to love and honor yourself.

How to Connect to Your Inner Knowing

When and if you are ready to tune into your authentic truth and voice, simply take a few minutes to sit still. Take some deep breaths and focus your attention on your heart chakra (in the center of your chest). Bring to mind your question or concern. You may ask any spiritual guides you have or would like to connect to, to come in and help as well (optional). Keep breathing. Notice what messages or feelings arise. If you are pondering a question, does option A make you feel expansive or contracted? This is a really good gauge for almost everything. Then consider option B and so on; expansive or contracted? You have your yes, or no, respectively. Your body knows, because your body is your subconscious. It’s also connected to your energy field and soul much more so than your mind.

For support getting in touch with this and trusting it, a healing session, or to book a free discovery call, please email me at I also offer channeled answers to questions and intuitive card readings, which will actually help boost your confidence in your own intuition, as they always confirm what your soul already knows. 🙂

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