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A Message from Gaia to Humanity on COVID-19

tree message on the spiritual meaning of covid-19 erin moore

Spiritual Meaning of COVID-19

Here are a few of the messages I’ve received intuitively on the spiritual meaning of COVID-19 (coronavirus) over the course of the last few weeks. Take what resonates for you and leave the rest.

We find ourselves in unprecedented times. And yet ancient texts (as well as some astrologers and spiritual channels) have predicted it. For years this has been referred to as “the event.” Many of us didn’t know what exactly it would look like, and I don’t think anyone expected THIS, but we knew something major was coming. An ending of the old paradigm and a beginning of something far different for humanity. As those of us who have experienced a dark night of the soul (or many) know, transitions like this can be painful, dramatic, and terrifying at times. It’s often messy as the old crumbles. The Tower card in Tarot is one representation of this. Even though it may seem tragic or confusing during the process, it’s part of birthing into the new (and more true) self. 

Gaia herself (Earth) has a consciousness, and she is speaking to us. I heard “a great turning of the tides.” That’s what this is. She had to speak louder to get our attention, not in a punishing kind of way but simply as part of the process. Many humans had become unconscious of their excessive consumption of the environment, media, technology, and material things. Right now the environment is healing. You may have heard some of the stories from around the world of waters running clear, skies being freed of heavy pollution, and wild animals re-emerging, for the first time ever or in decades.

As for technology, it’s a blessing in some ways, for example how it is allowing us to stay connected with each other while social distancing. But it can also be addictive and dissociating, meaning people engage with it to unhealthy levels, become numb to their feelings, or hide behind it to avoid real connection. I’m sure you’ve been on the receiving (or possibly sending) end of unkind or disrespectful words or “ghosting” (being ignored). This can occur via emails, texts, apps, YouTube videos, etc, usually where you can’t see the person’s face. During quarantine, neighbors are reconnecting, people are talking at the park because it’s the only available place to go, family members and friends are video chatting. We’re inspired to help those who are struggling. It’s cutting through the anesthesia and numbing of external focus and separation.

We’re being forced inward to remember what truly matters: helping others, kindness, good will. It’s a “back to basics” lesson: read a book, cook a meal, walk around the block. No one is not affected, which is a reminder that we’re all the same, we’re all connected, we’re all ONE. The title of my business, Centered One, reflects this same truth: oneness, no matter how different we might seem or look from one another.

This is part of the move into the Age of Aquarius that I talked about here. The process started in 2012. It’s triggering more people into awakening and new perspectives. Forced time to reflect at home and simply BE with yourself, as well as surrendering to a greater will and a level of humility, is bringing change. I also got that there’s a shift happening related to which chakras we operate from. Chakras are the seven energy centers of the body. Humanity as a whole has been running from the base/root chakra, in a survival mode that is competition- and fear-based. Overall, we are shifting more into our hearts, the heart chakra, with greater value put on love, compassion, connection.

This turning of the tides is similar in some ways to the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. Both were spiritually advanced, and then disappeared mysteriously. The shift happened there too, but they did not make it. Many of us had past lives there and chose to come back now. Either way, we’re here to make the shift. “Go or be dragged.” Right now Gaia is like a loving yet firm mom (“Mother Earth”) redirecting humanity back to the truth. 

Here are a few tips for this time

(especially if you’re sensitive or an empath)

  • Limit your viewing of the news and negative media. Seriously. Your energy flows where your attention goes, and feeding the panic, fear, gloom, etc. serves no one, least of all yourself. Plus it lowers immunity. The world needs you as centered as possible.
  • Up your energy protection practice, if you have one. If you don’t, you can simply imagine yourself surrounded by a white or pink bubble of light. Do this before going outside, engaging with other people (either in person or online), and any time you feel the need.
  • Take mindful, deep breaths as often as possible. The collective fear is at an all time high right now. It’s easy to pick up on that even if you feel fine or are unaware. Belly breaths turn off the fight or flight response in the body.
  • Connect with people who will uplift and support you. This goes for any time! But right now, it’s especially important. More negativity doesn’t solve anything.
  • Take this time to cook healthy food, journal, meditate, and come back into yourself and your center. What truly matters to you?

I wish each of you, and your loved ones, peace and health! And if you need support during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I offer a free discovery call to everyone.


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