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Starseed, I See You

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I SEE YOU. Are you a deep soul who sometimes feels like you don’t fit in? Empaths, starseeds, and unique thinkers tend to feel rejected, different, or like they don’t belong in their families, jobs, or on this planet. Oftentimes that’s because our souls literally do not originate from here. It’s not an easy path, but it’s for a reason. You’re here to BE the change as we move into a new paradigm. More about the great shift here.

As a starseed, you likely feel and experience far greater depths than the average person, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. You may avoid large groups or crowds (or certain people), leave gatherings early due to empath/energetic fatigue or overwhelm, and you may feel alienated from traditional establishments, belief systems, or roles.

Self-Acceptance as an Empath

The journey to self-acceptance can be long and winding, and is usually very tender and vulnerable. It requires a lot of courage. But that is why you’re here. As you begin to wade through your past, your present, your thoughts and beliefs, the TRUTH starts to emerge. Truth — feeling it, facing it, speaking it — is what heals. 

The most important thing is not what others think or do, it’s how you feel about yourself inside. That is your point of attraction and will be reflected outwardly in your external life, because “as within, so without,” “as above, so below,” and as the law of attraction shows us. But more importantly, it’s the number one cause of your happiness, not other people, achievements, or circumstances. As humans of course we enjoy and derive fulfillment from relationships and jobs etc, but when you do the internal work first, you not only don’t feel that desperate, empty need for them anymore, but what you attract is of much higher quality and resonance.

I use Reiki, a beautiful ancient energy healing modality, nutrition, and other tools to help people like you honor their sensitivity, limit empath fatigue + energy drains, plus empower themselves. Feel free to reach out with questions or for a free 30 minute call at my contact page or to You can also sign up here on my website if you haven’t already, to receive my free e-book on energy clearing. It’s a great place to start. Finally, check out episode 29 of the Closer to Venus podcast, where I share my life story around being an empath, and this blog with guidance on protecting your energy. Much love!

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