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Energy Update for Empaths and Starseeds: THE PURGE

Energy Update for Empaths and Starseeds - new path rebirth
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Energy Update for Empaths and Starseeds

If you’re on my email list or are drawn to this message strongly, it’s for you. I’m living this right along with all of you, waves of incredible intensity included. These few months have been gnarly (in many ways), but the main point here is that you are purging, physically, emotionally, and spiritually (I’ve personally had a lot of the physical variety which is rare for me). It’s not pretty, but it’s necessary. The old self is dying, which can be terrifying and painful (like the Tower card in Tarot). It’s a choice point: will you stay comfortable/safe yet uninspired and out of alignment with your soul or truth, or will you take the leap of faith? This will look different for everyone but may include career, jobs/work, friendships, romantic relationships, habits, beliefs. 

Rebirth for Empaths

Additionally, as I shared on my Instagram, Eris was square Pluto until October 9, and similar themes continue on as the year marches toward its conclusion. What this likely means is that you have old unprocessed pain or anger rising up to felt and transmuted, which is part of the purge. This can be very intense but it’s NEEDED. Eris is the goddess of discord and awakening and Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. If this resonates, you’re moving through your shadow, all the feelings and beliefs we judge as ugly or not ok (shame, hatred, jealousy, etc) and thus disown. If you don’t tend to them in yourself, you’ll project them out onto the world and other people, labeling them as wrong or bad (abuse is a different category of course). Sound familiar? This is playing out collectively as well as individually, if you hadn’t noticed! These themes will continue into next year, including with Pluto return energies of the USA and world. The process ultimately leads to rebirth, a new, truer self, but can be very messy as the old falls away. See my channeled blog from last year for some more aspects of this great shift as well.

Starseeds Are Letting Go

There was a rare astrological “Yod” recently too, which relates to destiny and life purpose. Older timelines are closing, at long last! Most of us sensitives, empaths, healers are letting go of versions of ourselves, people, jobs, situations, etc, to make space for what we came here to do and be.

The key through the purge is to trust the process, allow all emotions and energies to be OK and come up for release, and to listen to your intuition (as always). You may also need more alone time than usual to process and reflect. Quiet stillness allows the soul to speak and your truth to emerge. When we don’t do this and then listen to what is there, we tend to come up against more resistance, detours, and struggles. Following your destined path means being true to yourself — NOT what others or society tells you. It becomes clear through your emotions, interests, synchronicities, and opportunities. People around you may react to who you are becoming because they unconsciously sense the changes and it makes them uncomfortable. Remember that is to be expected and is not your burden to bear. I’m always here to help you, my beautiful starseeds! Please reach out for a free call at any time.

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  1. Erin, this is so completely right on for me now!!! I haven’t said it enough yet, but thank you for your work! I love reading your blog posts!!❤️

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