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Dairy: Pros and Cons for Empaths

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The dairy controversy has been raging for quite a while now. No doubt you’ve heard the pros, cons, fears, allegations, and accusations. I’ll get into a bit of those, and afterward share the download I’ve received on dairy for empaths and HSPs (highly sensitive people).

Dairy: Do or Don’t?

As with most things, it’s a personal decision. I have nothing against dairy, and do eat it occasionally in small amounts. But adult humans are not meant to digest large amounts of milk — that’s for babies (and animals), whose bodies are equipped to take it in for nourishment sake. Many people find that when they eliminate or cut back on dairy, they have more energy, feel less congested or sinusy, and/or their skin clears up. Most people don’t know that casein, a milk protein, is an immune irritant (aka does not support your immune system functioning at its best to ward off viruses, bacteria, etc).

I went through a soy milk phase in high school where I denounced regular milk as evil and jumped on the non-dairy bandwagon. A psychologist and breast cancer survivor I was working for filled me in on the research, and I ate it up, hook, line, and sinker (in some studies, dairy appears to increase cancer risk as well as the symptoms I noted above). Non-dairy milk has become quite commonplace nowadays, but back then people furrowed their brow for sure. In addition to soy, which can be controversial, there is almond, coconut, cashew, rice, and oak milk. The only real drawback to non-dairy milk (other than the possibility of allergies, if you have a nut allergy) is the lack of protein. Dairy milk is a good protein source. If you aren’t drinking dairy milk for its protein, a switch may be a good idea. In addition, non-dairy milk can be a good choice for flavor, nutrients, if you’re lactose intolerant, or just for a change of pace.

Another note with non-dairy milk is sugar content. Some brands pump a lot of unnecessary extra sugar into it (as with many foods). As I’ve often told people, if you are used to sugary beverages, you could start by trying a vanilla (or possibly chocolate for a treat) flavor. Then make the leap to unsweetened varieties. Overall, work to cut down on added sugars in your drinks, one of the biggest sources of hidden calories. This means looking for one that has zero or only a couple of grams of sugar. Next, don’t add sugar to your coffee or tea. It can take a short time for your palate to adjust, but soon enough you won’t even miss it. If you must, go for a touch of raw honey or maple syrup rather than white table sugar. These are slightly more natural and won’t spike up your blood sugar as much (which then comes crashing down later and can lead to fatigue and low mood, not to mention gradual wear and tear on the body).

If you do enjoy dairy, go organic whenever possible. This is one of the most important food groups with which to do so. The cows who provide the milk are sadly often mistreated, overfed with nutrient-barren corn rather than nutritious grass, and pumped full of antibiotics that remain in the dairy products you and your family ingest. For a critical (and shocking) education on this, watch Food, Inc. There are several other health documentaries that address dairy and its relation to the bigger picture too.

There are some decently tasty non-dairy cheeses out there now as well. Everyone is different though, so find what works for you. Some people can eat a little (or a lot) of dairy and feel fine, with no symptoms. Others have one tiny morsel and break out or get a stomachache. This can change over time and with different phases of life as well.

Energy of Dairy as an Empath or HSP

If you’re an empath or HSP, dairy can be problematic. It may clog the chakras and block energy flow. This can make you feel sluggish or heavy. At the same time, don’t beat yourself up if you have a bit now and then. We’re all human!

I’m here for you to help navigate the often overwhelming world of wellness. Check out my services, or contact me at I’ll give you a 3-step plan to start to get back on track energetically and nutritionally.


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